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Nonnie's Story

Hey Nonnie's fam! We're so excited to share Nonnie's full story. Watch the video or, if you prefer, read the story below.

My name is Ryan Beers and I’m the CEO of Nonnie’s Nectar and Nonnie was my grandmother. Nonnie was the matriarch of our family and was born and raised in 1918 in Austin, Texas. She grew up during the depression and was taught to be grateful for what she had especially when what she had was family. Nonnie never drank, smoke, or took any drugs. In fact, she would take only half of Advil when she had a headache. She saw what smoking did to her husband, my pappy, who ultimately died of emphysema and was vocal of her distaste of any of her grandchildren that might smoke.

Nonnie’s presence was something I could count on. Both she and her house were both safe to me, she always would leave the porch light on for me to show me that she would still love waiting for me to come home. She was dependable, so good to anyone and would encourage my entrepreneurship.

If I had an idea for a business, she would help me walk through the steps, it would realistically execute that idea. In 2009, I told Nonnie that I was able to quit smoking with an electronic cigarette and she was thrilled. She became my first angel investor investing $10,000 into my first electronic cigarette company.  Nonnie was known for her good health and positive outlook. At the age of 96, she had her first seizure and it scared the entire family. I received her call telling me what happened and then she was ok but heavily medicated. Nonnie hated the way medication made her feel.

I quickly thought of getting Nonnie some cannabis products to treat her sudden and serious epileptic condition, given I worked in the cannabis industry at that time. When I pitched her on it, I said: “Nonnie, I can help you get off these prescriptions but you’ll have to get high on THC, is that ok?” Her reply was “well, I’ve never been high before and I don’t intend to get high now, so I won’t do it.” That’s when I began formulating my first THC-free hemp extract CBD product for Nonnie.

This was in 2015 when hemp cbd was very hard to find and very expensive at that time. The high dose capsules I created for her were effective immediately. She was able to get off all medications she dislikes so much and didn’t have another seizure again. One year later, she passed away with dignity while surrounded by her entire family.

This is how Nonnie’s Nectar was born. I took everything that Nonnie taught me and poured it into the business. Fueled by the continuing passion I have for helping people improve their lives. It brings me great joy and satisfaction when I hear customers’ testimonies and especially when I hear that our Nonnie’s Nectar products convince them that plant based medicine truly works.

I learned so much from Nonnie throughout my life: compassion, non-judgment and respect. My goal is for Nonnie’s legacy to live on in our trusted reliable products, made with love.

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  • We love Nonnies Nectar.💕.
    I have 3 nodules on my thyroid, it was hard to swallow and painful. My boyfriend has a skin disorder and it is helping clear up his skin. In just 1 week we are amazed and greatful we met and found a great Conpany. Stay turned for our update. Diane and Dave
    Catalina mixer . 2019💕

    Diane Vrcic

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