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Nonnie’s Nectar Was Inspired by Charlotte’s Figi’s Story

Letter from our CEO, Ryan:

I heard some awful news about a little girl that passed away a couple days ago now, Charlotte Figi. She was 13 years old and I wanted to send my prayers to the Figi family.  

The family was kind enough to allow cameras to come in and do a story on them and let the whole world see how bad seizures can be. 

The program changed my life because I was doing a ton of research on hemp CBD after hearing it could get my Nonnie over her seizures without the psychoactive side-effects of cannabis. The power of Charlotte’s story and the Figi family ordeal was the final push I needed to start developing products for my new CBD company Nonnie’s Nectar. 

Since 2016, our products have helped me with my pain and I’m grateful to report they’ve helped many others too. 

This story obviously inspired Charlotte’s Web, but also kind of sparked the whole entire medical cannabis and hemp industry as well. This super special little girl inspired a movement, and is now passed away at 13 years old.

I just can't imagine what the family is going through right now. Our prayers are with you, Figi Family. 

They’ve requested donations be made here to continue support of education and research of plant therapies. 

In Charlotte’s memory, 

Ryan Beers

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