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Is your CBD toxic?

There’s no denying it: CBD derived from the unregulated Hemp grown in China is cheaper and thus ends up in the majority of CBD products available to American consumers. But the results of the largest lab test to date of CBD products has exposed chilling toxic dangers lurking in many of the most popular products.
According to ABC News, about two-thirds of US hemp is from “Chinese growers who often use hemp as a cover crop to suck pesticides and heavy metals out of the soil and cleanse it to plant food crops next.” This common practice drives the price of Hemp into the gutter and makes the CBD derived from Chinese Hemp incredibly cheap.


Yet, the undersell could come at a high cost to your long term health. In the largest study conducted by a consumer watchdog, Pure Market LLC tested for contaminants in 240 CBD brands. To the surprise of the industry, 70% of CBD products from the American market were found “highly contaminated”. The contaminants included the worst heavy metals pulled from toxic soil: Lead and Arsenic. Both act as toxins and are related to difficult diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, and stroke. What’s more, ABC journalists followed the CBD production process and discovered, "the really scary part is when you have these contaminants in your plant material, and you make this oil, you're concentrating it."


To make matters worse, Reuters reports that the Chinese government announced a plan to reclaim 90% of its land deemed too polluted for farming food. This toxic land reclamation project covers an area the size of Belgium and likely means even more Hemp will be planted in China to absorb toxins and continue to flood the market.


There are two things CBD consumers can do to protect themselves. First, make sure your CBD is sourced from a USDA-certified Organic farm, which at least ensures healthier soil. Second, look for companies that use emerging technologies to enhance verification of purity of their CBD.


At Nonnie’s Nectar, we are the first full CBD line to guarantee potency, purity, and SOURCE of our product through StrainSecure technology. Coming soon, all our products will even feature a QR code that, when scanned, displays and GUARANTEES the purity of the CBD inside.



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