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Featured Testimonial: Dr. Anthony Lyssy

Nonnie’s Nectar was first introduced to me by a patient of mine who was searching for a non-pharmacologic way to control her arthritis, muscle aches, and disordered sleep.  I had been loosely familiar with the idea behind CBD and Hemp oil supplements but hadn’t had any personal experience with using or recommending the product as it was somewhat daunting to dive into this brave new world with thousands of brands and formulations.  I couldn’t however ignore her reports of greatly improved arthritis, almost instantaneous pain relief from sore muscles, and most importantly her improved sleep.  She reported better mood and energy due to the increase in her amount of deep sleep. 

After informal discussions with many more of my patients, I discovered that many were very curious and or had already tried various products out there in the CBD world.  After I began to research the benefits in the body, I uncovered the physiology behind these outstanding benefits.  By activating endo-cannabinoid receptors that all humans have in many different areas of the body, patients were able to see improvements in pain, anxiety, stress, digestive imbalances, and especially sleep!  The ability to gain these endo-cannabinoid mediated benefits without the psychoactive effects of high levels of THC, its no wonder many were singing its praises.  Of course, as a physician, I wanted to ensure its safety and side effect profile, and much to my pleasure, I discovered that as a completely natural product, it is widely tolerated with almost zero potential for side effects. 

I put it to the test on myself, and found that post golf aches and pains were almost instantly gone, and the tincture at night proved to allow me almost double the amount of time in deep sleep per my advanced sleep tracking device.  I certainly became a believer and began recommending Nonnie’s products to my clients as an adjunct to their current regimens, or even a replacement for their prescriptions with many unpleasant side effects and interactions.  Not long after, I received a call at my office from Ryan Beers, co-founder of Nonnie’s Nectar, as he had tracked a surge in sales in Dallas and had tracked it back to my recommendations. 

After getting to know Ryan and Oriana, I am even more confident in recommending these great products as they have the highest standards and built the company with a desire to help many afflicted by intractable pain, anxiety, or sleepless nights.  They have been extremely supportive in providing me purity data to review and backing up the quality of their product and not settling for anything less than the absolute best quality product.  In what has become an unregulated industry with many companies pushing out subpar product as fast as they can get it to market, Nonnie’s is a breath of fresh air, focusing on quality, purity, and great service.  I am proud to recommend Nonnie’s Nectar in my functional medical practice and will continue to support Ryan and Oriana’s quest to provide a safe and effective product for patients to consider in place of more dangerous prescription agents!

-Dr. Anthony LyssyDallas, TX

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