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15 Questions with Nonnie's CEO Ryan Beers


Ok, the quick basics. What's your name, place of origin, and role at Nonnie's?

My name is Ryan Beers, I’m the CEO of Nonnie’s Nectar and I was born and raised in Austin, Texas.

What's your driving force, what motivates you?

My driving force is helping others. When we talk about CBD, we’re talking about ailments. We’re talking about what’s bugging you. Why can’t you sleep or why you’re stressed out. I love helping people and I love seeing the healing results when I share CBD with them. It’s amazing.


Who inspires you?

There are so many people that come to mind who inspire me. I learned a lot from Nonnie in how she treated people, she never looked down on anybody and always saw the best in people. My dad also inspired me, it was amazing being raised by somebody that is a professional motorcycle racer- you name it, I did it because he pushed me. Having a solid partner that inspires you daily is amazing. My partner Oriana Leo helps me out in keeping on a regimen with my meditation and eating right, which is the key to running a company like Nonnie’s Nectar.


Many people still see cannabis products as taboo. Why did you get into the industry, despite the naysayers?

I love being in a new industry where you’re paving the road. When you’re doing something for the first time, there are obstacles that pop up and you have to deal with them immediately- especially the type of obstacles that we’ve faced, but hearing how Nonnie’s has helped so many people makes it all worth it.


What's your favorite part about co-running Nonnie's Nectar?

It always comes back to the people. Hearing our customers stories of healing and freedom keeps me inspired daily.


What’s your customer service ethos?

Being able to listen to what’s going on with our customers and trailering their specific ailment with the right dosing and products.


Do you use Nonnie's products?

Yes! I use Nonnie’s product every single day 3-4 times a day. I’m using more currently because I’m recovering from an injury. For my current recovery schedule, I’m combining the 1500mg Orange Tincture with the 750mg Capsule which is 25mg per capsule and the 1000mg Salve. I’m taking 2 capsules, 2-3 full droppers under the tongue, and rubbing the lavender vanilla salve all over my back and neck. If I’m in any pain, that knocks it out for at least a couple hours.


What’s your favorite Nonnie’s product and why?

I would say the 1000mg lavender vanilla salve. It’s a topical so once you rub it into the sore area, I get immediate relief! You can put it anywhere on your body and it helps! I had a little cut on my hand and I put that on there and when I woke up, it was practically gone. It’s pretty amazing what this stuff does. My lower back has relied on our salve since my injury. We stand behind all of our products 100%.

Why add another CBD brand to a saturated market?

We were one of the first products on the market and we didn’t create Nonnie’s to keep up with the hype. We’re here not only to share Nonnie’s but also to protect consumers by shedding light on the dark side of this industry and setting standards for transparency and testing. There are a lot of products on the market right now that do not do the consumer any justice. We’re an ethics-based company and back our claims by sharing our product test results.


You’ve had a history of creating cutting edge products of the highest quality, what makes Nonnie’s the best of the best?

It all starts with the ingredients, if you put in good, you get good out. If you start with sub-par ingredients, it’s not going to jive with the skin so when we source our ingredients we make sure it is all fair trade or certified organic ingredients and we can guarantee that. With organic farming practices and the select organic ingredients only, we use the best of the best to formulate a premium product- that’s Nonnie’s Nectar.


How do you know your products are the best?

Our glowing customer testimonials speak for themselves. We know Nonnie’s is the best of the best because we have a 5-star rating from customer testimonials. Our customer reorder rate is way above industry standards, our customers are loyal. I love it- I know some of the customers because they’ve been with us for over a year now.


Many people compare CBD to snake oil, why do you think that is?

I’m constantly trying other products on the market. I look at the label, I look where they’re from, how it’s made, I call the company, there’s a lot of different things I do to research and stay in the know because there are so many companies that are bluffing right now. For example, I did a survey that CVS emailed that says ‘hey- take a survey and you can get a gift and read all the reviews’, and the gifts are pretty cool. One of the gifts was a 300mg CBD by Able Farms and I got it and so I pay the shipping and handling. They double charge me on shipping and handling but they sent me 2 products when I was only expecting 1, and then 3 weeks later I get a $95 charge on my debit card. Not only that, the CBD came in a really crappy packaging, it tasted horrible, was made from isolate and not broad-spectrum, and then they continue to charge my card. It took me 20 minutes to ‘cancel my account’- it was a nightmare. I called them out and they removed the charge right away because I didn’t authorize it. This is what those companies are doing.


What’s the reason for the changes in payment processing?

Just like what I talk about with Able Farms and taking that CVS survey, a lot of these companies are getting so many chargebacks so Visa doesn’t want to be a part of that. We never had a chargeback, but they still put us in the category of not being able to accept Visa. It’s been super challenging, but it’s about to be over. We’ve navigated these changes by seeking insight and staying transparent with our customers. We recently dropped our auto-ship payment which was a stipulation from Visa, but we still hadn’t gotten our Visa processing restored. We’ve also added other payment options like money orders, checks, and Zelle transfers.


How have you navigated these changes?

Payment processing has always been a problem with CBD merchant accounts. Some companies skirt issues by lying about what industry they're in- we refuse to lie and risk the long-term future of Nonnie’s- this is our baby.


What is one thing you’d tell consumers about making CBD buying decisions?

One thing that I tell consumers is to read the test results, read the labels, and see what’s on there. For example, if it’s full-spectrum and 0% THC that doesn’t make any scientific sense. A full spectrum product means it contains all of the cannabinoids present in the hemp including trace THC. Broad-spectrum refers to products with all cannabinoids present EXCEPT the THC. Start by choosing companies that don’t lie on their label. When somebody is asking about another brand, I tell them to shoot me a picture so I can see what kind of dosage they are on and typically there are not even milligrams listed. We list our mg, we share our test results to show exactly what is inside, how much THC is in there, and how much CBD is in there. Then we do our full spectrum test as well. It’s really tough, but navigating through all these CBD companies you gotta know what you’re getting into and know where they’re buying it from, because a lot of companies are white labeling so it can be any old Tom, Dick, and Harry that is starting their CBD company and they don’t care about their clients, they are just in it for the money. I won’t guide customers to any “Pure CBD” isolate-based products because it’s not as strong, it’s just the CBD molecule plus there's a higher chance of toxicity.


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  • My grandson was having me massage his legs because he was having growing pains. I told him if he let me put salve his pain would go away for sure. He said okay. After three minutes he said you can stop now. The pain is gone. The salve works!

    Kathy Horton

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