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We pride ourselves on having the cleanest products made from the finest ingredients. You will FEEL the difference with Nonnie's Nectar.



Love the company and the products have been fantastic for my neck- I'm sober a long time and recovering from a surgery without meds.

Martin Johnson, The Night Game & Boys Like Girls Singer, Songwriter, & Record Producer

It's been incredible for my migraines. Thank you for making such an incredible product.


Nonnie's helps to relieve the arthritic pain and swelling I have in my hands, the slight lower-back pain I have, as well as the cramping in my legs


I’ve been using Nonnies Nectar Tincture for the last 6 month’s. I no longer need to take Aleve (or any other pain meds) for my chronic lower back. I’ve also been able to avoid taking Ambien at night. Your Tincture definitely helps relax my mind and my muscles.


I took one tincture dropper of Nonnie’s Nectar and it took all of the pain out of my back! Nonnie’s Nectar rocks, everybody should try it.

Kelly, 5 time cancer surviver

Absolutely IN LOVE with the Salve by Nonnie's Nectar. I've tried a dozen different brands and none of them have sparked my interest as much as theirs. The salve is a really lightweight formula and doesn't leave any thick residue behind on your skin. I use it for literally everything - lotion, face moisturizer, chapstick, etc. Thanks for creating such a great product!


Your tincture helped me have an amazing sleep last night!


Game changer in this house! Thank you for an amazing product.


Best on the market.


Nonnie's Values


Nonnie’s Nectar was originally created in order to effectively treat Nonnie’s epilepsy. If we wouldn’t give it to our Nonnie, you can guarantee we wouldn't give it to you.


We believe in educating consumers and health care professionals about the healing benefits of ALL full-spectrum hemp extract products, not just the Nonnie's brand.


Our labels tell you exactly what is in the bottle. We are committed to using only the finest ingredients and have personally verified the source of our products.